FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does custom-made production work?

1.1 The rod sock with a width of 45mm is suitable for spinning rods and a width of 32mm or 38mm for baitcasting rods. Spinning rods have a much larger starting or guide ring, hence the 45mm width (can be stretched up to 70mm).

1.2 The length of the sock is measured from the tip of the rod to approx. 5cm above the handle, applies to both 1-piece and 2- or 3-piece rods.

1.3 If you know the length and we don't offer a standard sock that fits, then order the sock that is closest in length and write the special length in the comment field at checkout or send us an email to info@rutensocke.de with the special size, we will sort it out then this too.

1.4 The best thing is there is no extra charge for the special dimensions and shipping is just as fast!

2. Transporting the assembled rod including bait

The braided tube/fabric tube of the rod sock is permeable to air thanks to the fine braiding. This is where the fishing hooks get caught and the barb in particular can only be removed with luck without damaging the sock. We therefore advise against transporting the rod including bait, such as hardbaits with treble hooks.

3. Which shipping company are the orders shipped with?

All shipments, including shipment tracking, are processed via DHL, DHL Warenpost or DHL Parcel.

4. How long does shipping take?

We ship daily from Monday to Friday. Shipping usually takes place one working day after receipt of payment or on the same day for orders placed by 12 noon. In 2023, 95% of our shipments have been delivered within 2 working days at the latest and 71% have even been delivered on the next working day (according to DHL shipping monitor for Rutensocke.de).

5. Is it possible to send letters?

Yes, smaller orders are sent as DHL Warenpost, so always with tracking.

6. Can I order cash on delivery or on account?

Yes, we offer the payment method Purchase on account at. Payment is processed via Klarna.

7. Can I pick up my order personally on site?

Yes, you can. To do this, select the pickup payment method when ordering and then arrange an appointment with us.

8. Is there a store where I can visit you?

There is no on-site direct sales or retail store. Only pickup.

9.What if I am not satisfied?

Our returns rate is less than 1%. We stand 100% behind our high-quality products and therefore offer a 14-day return policy, even on made-to-measure products.

If you still want to return products, please simply send them to (no returns number required):

Janik & Klaus Hosfeld GbR
Throttle route 34
21376 Salzhausen

Of course, in compliance with the right of withdrawal. Read here .

10. Selection of customer questions

1. Question: Hello, does the Aldebaran BFS fit in the Casting S roller bag?
Answer: Yes, it was tried

2. Question: Where can I find the target fish variants of the rod socks?
Answer: On the respective product page you can select your target fish using the drop-down selection.

3. Question: Can I also use the rod socks for spinning rods for baitcasting rods? Answer: That is of course also possible, we also have the Cast SW, MW, LW in 38mm width for the stronger casting rods or the Spin in 45mm width. Special lengths are also possible, take the sock you want and write the special length in the comment when checking out or via chat/e-mail. You can also make cast logos on the spinning socks.

4. Question: Is it possible to print other fish on it? And if necessary add a name next to the fish picture?
Answer: Different motives are generally possible. We can give an estimate of the price if we know how many rod socks should be labeled. In any case, it will cause additional costs.

5. Question: Can I pull the rod sock over the mounted reel or do I have to remove the reel every time?
Answer: The socks always extend to the hand part and can be fixed to the roller with the rubber. So not over the entire rod.

6. Question: A question about the roller bags for stations. Are there any small pockets sewn into them where you could theoretically stow the crank during transport?
Answer: A pocket is not sewn in, but we should consider it for future models.

7. Question: What size should you order for a 2-piece standard MeFo rod (3-3.10m)?
Answer: The appropriate size would be the Spin XL 2-piece .

8. Question: I would like to order a sock and ask again before I buy the wrong one. In other words, the Spin Sock M up to 2.40 is intended for rods that are completely 2.40 or for disassembled 2.40m rods?
Answer: The Spin M 2-piece is 75cm long and is designed for rods with a length of 2.40m when disassembled, so to speak, so transported in 2 parts.
Transport as a one-piece would be the Spin L 1-piece, the rod sock then has a length of 190 cm.

9. Question: If I use a spinning rod with a follow-through float, for example, would that work? Or prevent something in terms of complications?
Answer: It depends on what the montage/pose looks like. We recommend without assembly, and we do not guarantee that it will work.