Rod socks Spinn & Cast reel cover

Rutensocke Rollentaschen Spinn & Cast -

Finally the time has come! Many of you have already asked whether we will also offer our own reel bags. Well, as we like to say: good things take time!

Now they are available live in the shop from today and we are very happy to be able to offer you our spinning and cast reel bags.

The variant for stationary reels (spinning) is available in 2 sizes: from 1000-3000 reel size (S) and from 4000-6000 reel size (M). The baitcaster version fits reels from 50-200.

The seams of our reel bags are sewn and glued and therefore very durable, the neoprene is also correspondingly thick and strong, so that the reel bag makes a high-quality impression.

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